Vietnam Rice



Product Name:Vietnam Rice
a)Vietnamese Long Grain White Rice 5% broken
Moisture: 14% max,
Foreign matter: 0.1% max,
Chalky kernel: 6% max,
Damaged kernel: 0.5% max,
Paddy: 15 grains/kg,
Yellow kernel: 0.75%,
Red & red streaked: 1.0%,
Milling degree: Well milled

b)Vietnamese White Rice 5% broken
Broken: 5% max
Moisture: 14% max
Damaged: 1% max
Yellow kernels: 0.5% max
Red and streaked: 2% max
Chalky kernels: 6% max
Pady per kg: 15 grains
Foreign matter: 0.1% max
Glutinous rice: 1.5% max
Milling degree: well milled


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