Butyro-refractometer reading at 40.c: or refractive index at 40.c: 51.0-64.8 1.4600-1.4690
Saponification value: 166-198
Iodine value: 94-120
Unsaponification matter: 2%
Acid value: 0.6
FFA: 0.3%
Peroxide value (max) expressed as milli-equivalents of 02 per kg: 10.0
Test for hydrocyanic acid: Negative
Flash point (pensky martens closed):250.C
Moisture and other insoluble noninjurious impurities (max):0.1%

b)Crude Rapeseed Oil
Free Fatty Acids (as OLEIC) Molecular Weight 282-basis Min.0.75pct Max 1.25pct
Moisture and votale Matter: Min.0.20pct Max 0.25pct
Density (Specific Weight) at 25 Celcius and 4 Celcius: Min.0.9180-Max 0.9255
Flash Point: Min.121C (250F)
Saponification Value: Min.188- Max 198
Iodine Value WIIS: Min.12-Max143
Impurities (Insoluble in Petrol Ether): Max 0.10pct
Unsaponifiables Matter (test as per N.O.P.A.): Max 1.50pct
Sediment ( Gardner Break Test): Max.0.10pct
Lecithin(expressed as Phosphorous): Min.0.020pct-Max0.025pct
Color Index (MG Iodine) (LovibondCell 1inch): 50-60 yellow and 5-6 red
Refractive index at 20 degrees C: 1.505 to 1.512
Halphen reaction: Negative


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